Low carb morning

My breakfast today,
bacon, eggs, and ice water.
I feel so healthy.

North Carolina

Fish camps, barbecue,
Blue Ridge Parkway, NASCAR too.
Don't forget moonshine!

What are you waiting for?

I waited six hours,
to buy my concert tickets,
but in the wrong line.

My unlawful new business

Fresh squeezed lemonade.
A booth and a busy road.
No vendor permit.

Malicious squirrel

Up in the fir tree.
A menacing downward gaze.
Stalking our campsite.

Eating out with young kids

Unprovoked screaming.
Pure irrationality.
Food blankets the floor.

Math teacher mambo

Move it to the right,
Shake that booty to the left,
Rhythmic erasure!

Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones.
The man is invincible.
Survives plane crashes.

Joe Armstrong, we need you!!

Ninjas all around.
Only one man can save us.
Michael Dudikoff.

My daily work commute

The squealing of tires.
Gestures through the car windows.
Going nowhere fast.